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What is a Humanistic Jew?

Are there other Humanistic Jews?

When was Humanistic Judaism founded?

How do Humanistic Jews feel about the Torah?

Isn't the Jewish religion(orthodoxy)/Torah responsible for the survival of the Jewish people?

If you are not religious in a traditional sense, why have rabbis?

Without God, how can there be ethics?

If you don't pray, what do you do?

Isn't intermarriage contributing to the demise of Judaism?

Video Responses to FAQs by Rabbi Denise Handlarski

If you don’t believe God is the source of morality, where do ethics come from?

If you don’t worship God according to the Jewish religion, what makes you Jewish?

Why be a Humanist Jew? Why not just be a Humanist?

Humanistic Judaism is secular and non-theistic? What does that mean?

What do Humanistic Jews believe about the Torah and the Bible?