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Position Statements

As part of our commitment to social justice, Oraynu speaks up on issues that affect our well-being as humans in society. We and our colleagues at the Society for Humanistic Judaism, the Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews, the Association of Humanistic Rabbis and the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations, etc. have developed position statements on Israel, intermarriage, same-sex marriage, reproductive rights and stem-cell research and much more. Click the links below for examples of some of these statements.

Position Statements

Statement on “Who is a Jew”
Statement on Same-Sex Marriage
Statement in Support of Equality for Diverse Sexualities & Gender Identities
Statement on Intermarriage
Statement on Reproductive Rights
Statement on Stem Cell Research
Statement on Circumcision and Jewish Identity
Statement Opposing Government Funding of Faith-Based Schools
Statement Opposing Quebec’s Charter of Secular Values
Statement on Dying with Dignity
Statement on Sexual Ethics for the 21st Century

For more statements/resolutions issued by the Society for Humanistic Judaism, click here.

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