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Statement in Support of Equality for Diverse Sexualities and Gender Identities

Oraynu has provided written support to Egale Canada and our members regularly contact their Members of Parliament when action is required.

LCSHJ Statement in Support of Equality for Diverse Sexualities & Gender Identities

The Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews (“LCSHJ”), the professional body certifying Leaders to perform marriage ceremonies and other life cycle events, affirms the right and responsibility of its members to serve the needs of all couples seeking solemnization of their commitment to each other.

The LCSHJ is keenly aware of the injustices done by religious and secular laws that discriminate against minorities. We promote the freedom, equality, and empowerment of all people, including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender  or queer/questioning (“LGBTQ”). Our communities and movement are open and welcoming to LGBTQ people and their families who are attracted to Secular Humanistic Judaism as lay members, educators, leaders, and rabbis.

Sexual minorities are still widely denied equal protection under the law. Therefore, the LCSHJ advocates for the full and equal legal status of LGBTQ people and their families. Such equality must extend to civil rights and liberties, privacy, employment, residency, and citizenship rights, as well as familial rights relating to marriage or domestic unions and their dissolution, child custody and adoption, family insurance coverage, medical decisions and visitation, and inheritance and survivor benefits.

To serve all couples that seek out our services, the LCSHJ resolves that each ordained member is free and encouraged to perform marriages or civil unions of same-sex couples in states and provinces where they are legally recognized, and to officiate at commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples in those jurisdictions where such basic human rights are not yet granted.

Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews
August 9, 2004