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Statement on Intermarriage (LCSHJ)


Finding personal happiness in a loving and respectful relationship is a valid reason for marrying. In an open democratic society, where individual rights are valued, it is reasonable for some people to choose marriage partners from outside the cultural or religious community in which they were raised. When Jews choose to marry non-Jews, they may be simply combining their attachment to Judaism with a commitment to love and personal fulfillment.


We, the members of the Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews, deeply committed to the value of Jewish identity and to the importance of Jewish survival, strongly affirm:
the right of individuals, including all Jews, to chose their own marriage partners;
the obligation of Secular Humanistic Jewish Leaders to serve the needs of couples with different cultural and religious backgrounds and the right of such leaders to officiate at their wedding ceremonies. We recognize that differences in culture do not necessarily imply differences in philosophy of life;
the right of Jewish Leaders to co-officiate with civil or religious officiants in any wedding ceremony that respects the cultures of both partners;
the responsibility of all Jews to welcome the non-Jewish partners of Jews into the Jewish family circle and to offer them acceptance and respect.

We welcome into the Jewish community all men, women and children who identify with the history, culture and fate of the Jewish people.

Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews
October 1991