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Life Cycle Testimonials

Here’s what our members are saying:

Baby Namings

Thank you so much for officiating Natalie’s naming ceremony! It was beautiful and a perfect reflection of our wishes for her and her future. Everything, from providing us with counsel to tailoring the ceremony to our needs, was so appreciated. We are so glad you were there to help us welcome our daughter to the Jewish community– M, H and NE

Thank you for the beautiful celebration for our son Noah. The day will not soon be forgotten. The time and care you put into the ceremony are much appreciated– G, C and N.

Thank you very much for helping us create such a special naming ceremony for our daughter. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so much joy as we celebrated Sydney and welcomed her into our family and our community– J & S

M and I wanted to thank you for creating such a beautiful and meaningful naming ceremony for our daughter Mia. It was such a special day and we look forward to sharing more simchas with you– J, M, S & M

Thank you very much for conducting such a warm, beautiful baby naming ceremony. Everyone in attendance commented on how nice the ceremony was. – K, G & J

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Thank you so much for coming to PEI and for helping our family celebrate Kaleb’s Bar Mitzvah in such a caring and meaningful way– The Z. family

Thank you for helping us to create a Bat Mitzvah ceremony for Emma and for being an important part of this big event. We received wonderful feedback from our guests who appreciated how meaningful the ceremony was. It was everything we hoped it would be– D, L, E & B.

What a perfect passage from boy to young adult for Josh, and due, in no small measure, to you. The service was beautiful, meaningful, and a wonderful blending of two cultures. So many people told us how much they got from what was said, and how they understood what it was all about for the first time.
Josh has learned a tremendous amount about Judaism. Thank you for imbuing Josh with the enthusiasm and will to learn, carry through and provide his best. You have an exceptional rapport with young teens– C & P

It means so much to me that you could be there to help me on my special day. The money I received will go into stock towards my University fund (although Mom and Dad said I could keep a bit to buy something fun like a new snowboard). You are amazing and an inspiration! Thank you soooo much!– D

Praise and thanks for Jeremy’s wonderful service. George and I were moved to tears. The content in your address was very significant to me. Jeremy was excellent in his demeanour with genuine understanding of his topic—a grandmother’s opinion, but also a teacher’s. Thank you for your guidance. – E

Thank you for all your wonderful guidance and support. My three boys all had very meaningful Bar Mitzvahs with your help. Much appreciation– J

Thank you once again for creating a beautiful ceremony for my bat-mitzvah– Love, S

Thank you very much for agreeing to do a non-traditional Bar Mitzvah for Max and crafting and leading the perfect ceremony that was appropriate, accessible, meaningful and heart warming for everyone. The time you took to explain what was going on and what it meant was appreciated by non-Jewish and Jewish guests alike. Thanks again for playing a key role in the huge success of this milestone event for Max– K


The conversion material combined with the discussions with Rabbi Eva Goldfinger gave a deep insight into the history, not only of Judaism, but also of the surrounding cultures that influenced, or were influenced by Judaism and the Jewish people. My understanding for the source, background and meaning of the Jewish traditions and rituals is great and I feel fortunate to have gone through a Humanistic Conversion. The conversion ceremony felt meaningful and natural as the ending to the conversion experience. – P & E

Dear Eva – Thank you for making our conversion process such an interesting, enjoyable and eye-opening experience. With gratitude and appreciation– S & J.


We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful service at Barb’s funeral. One person said that if a funeral could ever be described as “joyous”, this was it. It was truly a celebration of Barb’s life, and I’ll always remember it. Once again, thanks so much and look forward to seeing you during the High Holidays. Best Regards– S

Thank you most sincerely for leading Jerry’s funeral service. Your willingness to re-schedule your own appointments to help a group of grieving strangers was more than thoughtful. Our meeting at your home where we were encouraged to talk at length about Jerry was cathartic and comforting, and the service itself was meaningful, beautiful and an entirely appropriate tribute to a man who was happily and proudly Jewish, if not conventionally religious. Memories of that service comfort us now as we continue life’s journey without him. Sincerely– A, S, B and B

Thank you so very much for your deep understanding and helping us to celebrate Sy’s life.– H

I want to thank you for the very moving and appropriate service you conducted for my sister Eleanor’s funeral. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your words and the time you spent with us and her friends in planning the service. Our warm regards– F and A

Thank you for beautifully guiding the memorial service for Mitch. Your own sharing touched me (and our families) very much and I found your words on life and death comforting. Thank you for bringing your heart and soul to the work that you do.– Love M

Eva, Merci, mercie et encore mercie…. Le Memorial de ma mere était formidable, je garde un souvenir d’amour! Le soutien de ma famille et tes mots aussi, mon donner la force de regarder derier moi avec moin de tristesse et plus de beau souvenir!! Je suis heureuse et fier d’avoir autour de moi des gents formidable! Je t’embrasser fort et je te dit a bien tot
– M

We interred my mother’s ashes this morning. It was good to have the Humanist Mourner’s Kaddish. Thank you for your kind words and heartfelt help. They are remembered and much appreciated. Thanks and best wishes.– P

Pastoral Guidance & Counselling

Thank you for the most beautiful and inspirational wedding ceremony. The 1 day pre-nuptial counselling we added to our package has already had a huge impact on our lives as we are expecting in June. We highly recommend this seminar to all couples before marriage. We will remember our wonderful wedding day for the rest of our lives. Thank you again!– Fondly D & G

It was about a year ago that you counselled my husband and I on my impending funeral. All went well as you can surmise. I’ve often thought about how much you put us at ease, allowing me to put my energy into positive thinking and want to let you know how much we appreciated speaking with you. – A, S, B and B

You were wonderful and the ceremony was beautiful! Please know how valuable we thought the day of pre-nuptial counselling was that we spent with you. You raised some important issues, and, as a result, we are bound to evolve and grow. Our deepest thanks and best wishes– E & J


We want to thank you for making our wedding a night we will never forget. It was everything we wanted it to be and more. We have had many comments from people that it was “the best ceremony they ever attended.” It certainly was for us! We wish you much love, health and happiness in the new year– M and A

Thanks for all you did to help make a ‘magical’ wedding. It was fun working with you.– S

Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding ceremony you did for us. Almost every guest at our wedding remarked how beautiful, inclusive and representative it was of our heritages and beliefs. You really gave us exactly what we were looking for and we are so thankful. We appreciate the patience you had with us– S & A

Our heartfelt thank you for such a beautiful ceremony. There were compliments coming from every direction regarding how unique, personalized and special the ceremony was, with so much heart and spirituality– D and R

Thank you for celebrating our wedding with us. We really enjoyed the unique ceremony that reflected both of our cultures and personalities. Your service is really a mitzvah for interfaith couples who want to incorporate Jewish traditions into their wedding. We also received a lot of great feedback from our guests, and we are very grateful that you made the exchange of our vows so memorable– J & A.

Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding ceremony. It was sincere, funny, and very personal—perfect for us. You received many compliments and praises from our friends! We truly appreciate your efforts that made our day very special– R & M

Thank you so much for performing such a wonderful and memorable wedding service for us. Everyone raved about how tasteful and lovely it was. So many people (more so the women) commented on how “equal” it was and were surprised to learn we had worked with you to have the ceremony reflect us as individuals and as a couple– J and T

Thank you for being a part of our wedding. Your insight and advice were much appreciated. The ceremony itself was perfect. It was genuine, thoughtful and beautiful. We were thrilled at how you personalized the ceremony to fit our vision. Thank you for marrying us and it was wonderful working with you– S & S

We would like to extend once again our appreciation for the special meaningful ceremony which you delivered for our wedding! Both sides of families were so emotional not only by how both cultures and religions were woven together, but also by the passion which came from your delivery of words. Everyone, to this day, claims that the “ceremony was breathtaking!” Thanks to you– E and A