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Baby Namings/Brit Tikkun

Let us help you name and welcome your child into your family and the Jewish People.

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Humanistic Jewish Baby Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

Baby Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies for both girls and boys are skyrocketing as parents and their families look for ways to formally or publicly celebrate the arrival of their newborns or children, whether by birth or adoption, and welcome them into their lives, their families and their community.

To reflect that we want to raise our children to become partners in the task of tikkun olam/repairing the world by establishing justice and peace everywhere, we call our naming and welcoming ceremony a “Brit Tikkun’/Covenant of Repair. Our custom ceremonies are humanistic so they don’t contain god language or prayer, and egalitarian so they are essentially the same for boys and girls. They serve the needs of Jewish and intercultural/interfaith couples and families, as well as the LGBTQ communities, and are respectful and inclusive.

Our rabbis, Rabbi Eva Goldfinger, Rabbi Karen Levy and Rabbi Denise Handlarski create and lead a warm, meaningful and culturally relevant humanistic ceremony that respects your family diversity, reflects your own values and hopes for your child, and embraces your child within the Jewish community. The child is welcomed into the Jewish people regardless of which parent is Jewish, or if the child was adopted but will be raised Jewish. (See Humanistic Judaism’s position on ‘Who is a Jew’ by clicking here.)


Who to Invite?

Where to Celebrate?

When to Celebrate?

Meeting with Rabbi?

What Name to Give Baby?

Hebrew or Yiddish Names?

Who can Participate?

Male Circumcision

The ceremony can include:

  • Honouring Ethical Mentors
  • Parental Commitments
  • Giving of Secular and Jewish Names
  • Meaning and Significance of Names
  • Flower, Candle or Cup of Life Rituals
  • Hebrew and other Family Languages
  • Humanistic Blessings, Poetry, Songs
  • Participation of Family and Friends
  • Presentation of signed Naming Certificate


Humanistic Judaism does not require that a male infant be circumcised in order to be considered Jewish.  See the Association of Humanistic Rabbis position on ‘Ritual Circumcision’ by clicking here.  Parents are asked to become informed about medical and ritual circumcision—its benefits and risks, and we will honour their decision.

Parents may choose a medical circumcision not connected to the baby naming/Brit Tikkun ceremony, which can be done in a hospital or at a doctor’s office, followed after a reasonable healing time for mother and child by the naming and welcoming ceremony with family and community.  When parents wish to combine the circumcision and the Brit Tikkun, we work with a very experienced mohelet/ritual circumciser who is a medical doctor.

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For more information and costs or to book a date and time for a baby naming, please contact our Life Cycle Director, Rabbi Eva Goldfinger at or 416-494-7450.