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Video Clips

Video clips of the late Rabbi Sherwin Wine, founder of Humanistic Judaism, in conversation about Secular Humanistic Judaism:
What’s the difference between Traditional Jewish and Secular Jewish beliefs?
What’s the meaning of Jewish history?
How do I give my child a Jewish identity?
Are Jews bound together more by religion or ethnicity?
How did the Holocaust change the meaning of Jewish identity?
Is the Torah/Bible sacred or just Jewish literature?

Who Wrote the Bible?
Humanistic Jews accept that the Bible is human literature. But who were the humans who produced this literature? What were their concerns and issues? How did the final version come about?
Check out this series of lectures by Rabbi Jeffrey L. Falick, of Birmingham Temple, Farmington Hills MI:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

Jewish History Through Secular Eyes, a talk given by Rabbi Adam Chalom, Dean of the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism and Rabbi, Kol Hadash Congregation (IL). It is based on the book, written by the late Rabbi Sherwin Wine and edited by Rabbi Chalom, entitled “A Provocative People: A Secular History of the Jews”  Click here.

Video clips of Rabbi Wine at the “The New Humanism” Conference at Harvard in April 2007
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Organization Links

Society for Humanistic Judaism
The Society for Humanistic Judaism was organized in 1969. The Society’s mission is to mobilize people to celebrate Jewish identity and culture consistent with a humanistic philosophy of life. As the central body for the Humanistic Jewish Movement in North America, the Society assists in organizing and supporting congregations such as Oraynu Congregation, and in providing a worldwide voice for its members.
The Society gathers and creates new materials, including holiday and life cycle celebrations and offers Jews, in over a dozen countries, inspirational, educational and social programs. It sponsors training programs and conferences. The HU-JEWS group offers programs for teens and young adults, including an annual conclave. The Society for Humanistic Judaism publishes a quarterly topical journal, Humanistic Judaism, available to its members and by subscription.

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
Information on What’s Happening in Jewish Toronto

International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism
Established in 1985 in Jerusalem to serve the needs of the growing Secular Humanistic movement, the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism (IISHJ) is the intellectual and educational arm of the International Federation of Seculary Humanistic Jews. Its two primary purposes are to commission and publish educational materials for the movement and to train rabbis, leaders, teachers, educators and spokespersons for the movement. The Institute offers seminars and training programs in North America and Israel . The professional programs offered to members of the Secular Humanistic Jewish movement in North America are the Rabbinic Program, the Leadership Program, the Educators Program, the Musicians Program, and the Spokespersons Program. Seminars for the programs are taught at a variety of locations throughout North America. Look here for a current schedule of seminar dates and locations. Most seminars are also open for continuing Jewish education.

Interfaith, Inc. is the online resource for interfaith families exploring Jewish life and the grass-roots advocate for a welcoming Jewish community. This resource is for everyone touched by interfaith relationships where one partner is Jewish, on every topic of interest to them, and for everyone who works with and cares about them.

The Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews
Visitors may search for Secular Humanistic Jewish clergy to officiate Jewish, Humanistic or intercultural weddings or other significant lifecycle observances. Our Leaders create and conduct Secular and Humanistic Jewish festival services and observances, teach adults and children, and speak about Jewish topics or about Secular Humanistic Judaism at Jewish organizational events. This site also provides information about more than sixty Secular and Humanistic Jewish communities in North America.