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Our Program

JK-Grade 7

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Bnai Mitzvah

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Community Festivals and Celebrations

  • Oraynu Children’s School provides our students and their parents an opportunity to experience Humanistic Jewish culture and community.
  • Oraynu children and their parents participate in festival celebrations such as Sukkot, Chanukah, Tu B’Shevat and Purim.

Shabbat and Holidays

Our students and their parents participate in a number of class or school-wide Oneg Shabbats.

Oraynu Children’s School celebrates the following holidays:

  • Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur
  • Sukkot
  • Chanukah
  • Tu B’shvat
  • Purim
  • Pesach
  • Yom Ha-Shoah
  • Yom Ha-atzma-ut

Family Education

Each grade has at least two units or activities where parents and family members learn with their children at the school. Through a range of interactive and experiential Jewish Family Education programs, we:

  • Create a congregation of learners.
  • Become a welcoming, supportive and engaging place to connect with Jewish families.
  • Bridge the gap between home life and school, motivating and empowering people to bring Judaism into their home life.
  • Provide quality Jewish learning experiences for parents and children together.
  • Forge bonds of friendship and support among members that will reinforce Jewish community and enrich their lives.


Field Trips

Oraynu Children’s School offers our students and their parents an opportunity to experience Jewish culture within our local community.

Exploration of Jewish identity and community is brought to life through field trips to Baycrest Centre’s art exhibits, Jewish-themed theatre, the model matzah bakery, Passover Food Drive, the Toronto Holocaust Centre and much more.

Extracurricular Activities

The curriculum is supplemented by extracurricular events such as fun afternoon outings for parents and children together to theatre performances, Friday evening Oneg Shabbat gatherings, and student and family socials.

Oraynu students and their parents participate in festival celebrations such as Sukkot, Chanukah, Tu B’Shevat and Purim, as well as Rosh Hashanah, and family socials such as class or group Oneg Shabbat celebrations.