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School Philosophy

Jewish education at Oraynu Children’s School aims to develop a positive Jewish identity in our students and to help them become strong individuals, as well as responsible citizens of the world.

At Oraynu, we provide the opportunity for children to:

  • Learn about Jewish history, culture and values.
  • Enjoy exploring their unique Jewish identity.
  • Understand the humanistic values in Judaism — especially the individual’s responsibility to oneself and to society; how these values were part of Jewish life in the past; and how they can guide us today.
  • Emphasize the value of tikkun olam — making the world a better place — within their own lives, family, community and the world at large.
  • Experience Jewish culture and community through activities such as tzedakah (charitable or community service projects), family education, field trips, music, extracurricular activities and the celebration of holiday and life cycle events.
  • Develop critical thinking, problem solving and values clarification skills that encourage a life based on humanistic Jewish values.

A place for families with a secular humanistic Jewish focus

Oraynu Children’s School promotes an open, friendly environment where our student’s families are part of the school community and congregation.

At Oraynu, we provide the opportunity for families to:

  • Forge bonds of friendship and support among school families that will reinforce Jewish community and enrich their lives.
  • Participate in a program where children and parents experience the transforming power of Jewish culture and knowledge to create a sense of personal strength, and a core of personal ethics for daily living.
  • Create a connection between our congregation, all Jewish people and the world at large.
  • Explore issues in Jewish history and community life.
  • Experience an environment that welcomes cultural and intellectual diversity.

Teaching Methods

At Oraynu Children’s School, we promote experiential learning in an inclusive environment through the following approaches:

  • Lessons are presented with a variety of age-appropriate stories and meaningful materials.
  • Students are not only engaged in thoughtful research and discussion, but also in activities such as music, arts and crafts, drama, role-play simulations, school-wide assemblies, community presentations, learning games and creative writing.
  • Family Education programs provide opportunities for children and parents to learn together at school and at home — with and from each other. Family Education is an integral part of our curriculum. Each class has a variety of family Education projects, activities and presentations throughout the year.

Children come from a variety of backgrounds, learn at different rates and have distinct learning styles. At Oraynu, we optimize teacher-student ratios. We teach the individual student. We make your child’s Jewish education a more meaningful experience by accommodating for any child’s particular learning requirements.