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Here’s what our school parents are saying:

My girls enjoy Sunday school and they adore their teacher. I am impressed with the amount that they learn.”

– L.G., Kindergarten class parent

As Jewish parents, it can be challenging to find a supplemental school environment that supports our views and experience of the world. We couldn’t be more delighted that a place as unique as Oraynu exists in our own backyard.”

– D.C., School parent

At Oraynu, we have found a perfect place for our sons — here they can learn about their Jewish roots, morals and ethics grounded in our shared Jewish tradition.”

– J.G., School parent

Oraynu is welcoming of mixed couples, yet relentlessly Jewish in outlook and action. Thanks in large part to our connection with the Oraynu congregation and supplemental school, our mixed household is a place where Judaism lives on.”

– M.R., School parent

Oraynu is a place where all children are Jewish regardless of which of their parents is Jewish and what additional traditions and cultures the family chooses to celebrate. I am proud that my children are learning to enjoy people’s diversity, rather than using differences as reasons to exclude.”

– E.W., School parent

Perhaps the greatest strength of Oraynu is that at its core are the values of respect and tolerance.”

– J.F., School parent

Now that (my daughter) is nearing the end of her time at Oraynu, I want to thank you for all your hard work throughout the years. You and all the staff have given her wonderful support and guidance and have never made her feel ashamed for her special needs. As a parent, I am very grateful.”

– J.L., School parent

Oraynu has shown our children (and us!) that Jews come in all creeds and colours and this experience fosters a genuinely unique and non-judgmental learning environment. We believe strongly in this success story.”

– L.O., School parent

I am a single parent with a daughter. While I practice Judaism, there is some flexibility in how I practice it. Oraynu has repeatedly supported and responded to my thoughts, interests and special needs that are so necessary for both my daughter and I. I have never been in another synagogue, school or even congregation that has shown this kind of spirit or community.”

– M.L., School parent