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Here’s what our members are saying:

Since joining Oraynu some six years ago I feel I have found my “Jewish Home.” I have met many welcoming, interesting people and learned much more about Judaism. This has taken place in a context in which I do not need to mouth the words about a god in which I do not really believe. – D.B.

Being part of a humanistic Jewish community enables me to express my love of my Jewish identity. Each time we come together we learn more of what it means to be a Humanistic Jew. I am particularly grateful for the many caring and supportive members in our Oraynu Congregation. – S.M.

I’ve been a member of Oraynu for over 25 years. Both my children attended the Sunday school. Oraynu has fulfilled all my expectations and has allowed my children to maintain their Jewish identity. – B.C.

Oraynu has been instrumental for our intermarried family, not only in helping us cultivate and grow our Jewish roots and traditions, but also in navigating significant moments in our family life (joys, sorrows) with a spirit of community and belonging. – LR.

I have been a member of Oraynu for over fifteen years. Oraynu has provided this godless wandering, Jew with a home that celebrates Jewish history, culture and values and a community that walks the talk of tolerance, diversity and social action. – B.C.

Oraynu strengthens our connection to Jewish history, culture, and traditions and reinforces the important value of social justice. – A.B.

Oraynu members describe their experiences in our community